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Zwiesel launches Hommage in celebration of its 140th anniversary

22 October 2012 by

Experience the first-ever Zwiesel Cocktail of the Month, served exclusively in Hommage barware at Oyster Bar

In celebration of its longstanding 140-year history, Zwiesel 1872 has introduced a special collection of glassware. Named Hommage, the collection was designed by Charles Schumann, the founder of the renowned Schumann’s Bar in Munich.

The design of the glassware collection is a confluence of aesthetics and sensuousness. It features simple lines and detailing that pays homage to classic bar culture. Consisting of three collections called Comete, Carat and Glace, the Hommage range harks back to a time of sophistication and an exquisite way of life. Each of the three collection features a distinctive pattern that was the result of interpreting classic grinding techniques on handmade, mouth-blown crystal glass. Only experienced glass artisans can handle this.

Hommage is a result of the conceptualisation of the designs to manufacturing spanning two years. It also saw a close collaboration between Schumann and the brand throughout the duration to bring Hommage to life.

In celebration of the launch of Hommage, Zwiesel Kristallglas and Oyster Bar are introducing its inaugural Zwiesel Cocktail of the Month programme. At the bar, specially created cocktails will be served exclusively in Hommage barware, making it a perfect spot for a taste, in more ways than one, of the exquisite cocktail experience.