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Winners of Nippon Paint Young Designer Award Singapore 2012

13 November 2012 by

Yeo Shao Jie wins for his proposal of Killiney Post Office

Nippon Paint Young Designer Award, first launched in 2008 in Malaysia, aims to provide a platform for young designers to showcase their work. This is the second year of the Singapore instalment, where the winner will then go on to the regional round of the competition. This year, Yeo Shao Jie from Lasalle College of the Arts has been awarded the gold award for his proposed redevelopment of Killiney Post Office.

The theme Redefine, Recreate, Revive – Redesigning Space for a Greener Future invites design students to redesign existing abandoned and empty spaces, or old buildings. The aim is to propose improvements to interior and space design with the aim of incorporating sustainable changes and energy efficiency.

Yeo’s proposal of redeveloping Killiney Post Office into a unique church and youth centre that embraces the surrounding natural environment got the votes of the judges. Named Nature Sanctum, it brings together indoor vegetation, natural lighting and ventilation with an open and transparent façade.

Yeo will compete with the regional designers from seven participating nations such as Pakistan and China for the Platinum award and for the title of the Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2012.

Winners of the Silver and Bronze Awards go to Robert Chow Song Ling and Lani Diana respectively. Special awards were also given to Hafizuddin Arif Bin Johar for Best Space Planning, Eric Chang Ee Fatt for Best Colour Choice and Nuraishah Binte Rashid for Best Green Innovation. Lasalle College of the Arts was awarded the Top Institution (Gold), and Nicholas Ooi, of Lasalle College of the Arts was awarded the Best Lecturer Award.