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Spin opens its second store in Singapore

21 November 2012 by

Located at Millenia Walk, the second store boasts an Oriental-themed interior that showcases the porcelain pieces

Love the porcelain homeware products by Spin? Then you’ll be glad to know its second store. The new store, located at Millenia Walk, is hot on the heels of the first store at Holland Village. Featuring flowing lines and simple forms, Spin’s collection of porcelain homeware products marries a traditional material with contemporary design.

Spin opened its first store in Shanghai in 2004. Guided by New York-based designer Gary Wang’s design direction, Spin’s design team took 30 months to create a series of designs that are minimalist, simple and elegant. The company was first started with the intention to revive the art of porcelain ware and preserve its rich heritage. The people from Spin explained that the Chinese made the earliest known porcelain around A.D 700, and Chinese porcelain reached Europe and Japan centuries later. However, following the Cultural Revolution, the porcelain industry went through a period where designs were copied and replicated with little attention to new designs.

Aside from contemporary designs, Spin also pays attention to traditional glazing techniques that have been used for centuries, adopting age-old traditions to create fresh, new designs that suit today’s tastes.