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Goodrich Global Presents Best of Luxe 2013

29 October 2013 by

Goodrich Global celebrates the beauty of black in its latest products

Fashion icon Coco Chanel once said: “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress”. The same could be said with interior design, where black in the right amount can lift the sense of glamour and style. Goodrich Global presents its Best of Luxe, pairing black with patterns, finishes and colours to create the perfect pairings that exude luxe sophistication. We pick our favourites.

The Ornamentals collection is the latest from the BN collection, taking inspiration from lace and hand embroidery. It features baroque style damask, simple textures and vintage prints with shimmering effects.


Bringing to mind Venetian palaces with its luxurious designs, the Palazzo collection by Omexco takes it a step further with its unique treatment to the patterns. In addition to large baroque damask patterns, elegant stripes and others, they feature a look that has been softened by time and filtered light. Soft shades such as jade, ivory and champagne pink are matched with metallic hues such as rust, gold, taupe, verdigris and the sensuous dark lustre of anthracite.


There is an allure to the subtle shades and colours of the travertine limestone, and it is this stone that is the inspiration behind the Travertine collection by Omexco. The stone has long been used for buildings in ancient Rome and other renaissance palaces. With this wallcovering collection, the brand uses a printing technique that employs small layers of colours for depth. The collection comes in a variety of natural and realistic colours, such as jade green, smoke white, coral and lapis lazuli.


The Mystic collection of fabrics is inspired by the Gothic style period. It features rich velvets, innovative 3D jacquards and lace designs. Perfect for window decoration and upholstery, the collection features a contemporary colour palette combined with exquisite traditional colours.