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AkzoNobel announces its Colour of the Year and ColourFuturesTM 2013

26 November 2012 by

The company unveils Inspired Violet as the Colour of the Year

Looking for colours for your interior design projects? Take inspiration from AkzoNobel’s colour trends from its ColourFuturesTM 2013. The company has also announced its Colour of the Year, named Inspired Violet.

AkzoNobel’s colour palettes for the year ahead is based on the theme ‘Connections’, inspired by the interconnectedness of the modern world today, where it is easy to create networks across the globe. Inspired Violet makes a statement that is said to be associated with wisdom. The robust colour also inspires a sense of stability in a space.

In addition to Inspired Violet, ColourFuturesTM 2013 also reveals the five relating colour trends: Collective Passion, Switching Off, The Art of Understanding, Home Factory and Visual Solace.

AkzoNobel worked with 14 interior designers from the South East Asia Pacific (SEAP) region to translate these global trends and adapt them according to the local lifestyles in the countries in South East Asia inspired by ColourFuturesTM.

Each palette exudes a different mood, from the quiet, ethereal hues of Switching Off and the rustic colours of Home Factory, which are inspired by nature’s dyes, to the joyful and expressive tones of Collective Passion.

In a climate where some parts of the world are facing uncertainties, these colours are a reflection of how we seek to create our own personal haven that is calming and harmonious. The muted colours would also provide fodder for inspiration for those looking to create a low-key, casual ambience for their homes.