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Planning the perfect bathroom design for your home

To realise a dream bathroom, make the necessary planning before you rope in the professionals .

A bathroom that makes you feel good at the start and end of each day can do wonders for the body and mind. Are you planning a new bathroom for your existing home or new home? Then these tips would… Read More

Ways to Add Flair to Your Kitchen

Great ideas for turning the kitchen from simply functional to practically perfect.

Think about the kitchen and these are the first words that often come to mind: practical, functional and easy to clean. There is nothing wrong with these requirements of course. After all, the is a hive of activity where cooking,… Read More

10 Things to Know about Classical Interiors

A checklist on what makes a classical home .

1. Order, please! The classical interior design is all about order, balance and harmony. Contrary to popular opinion, classical interiors need not be ostentatious and over the top when it comes to furnishings and materials. 2. Create focal points Still,… Read More

Inspiration for the Perfect Bathroom Sanctuary

Real bathrooms designed for calming the senses .

Looking to create a spa-like environment in the home? Realising a soothing environment for the bathroom is no rocket science. We’ve put together real-life bathrooms that ooze calm and relaxation to inspire you This bathroom features a wall of glass… Read More

10 Things to Know about Contemporary Interiors

Interesting information on what makes a contemporary home .

When it comes to contemporary interiors, it is about living in the moment, reflecting the trends of today. The contemporary style undergoes change constantly, adopting finishes that veer from casual to luxury. The interior design style carries a distinct urban… Read More

Introduction to Designing a Powder Room

What makes a powder room and how it can boost the look of your home.

What is a powder room? A powder room is a small bathroom that typically consists of a sink and a water closet. Though not new in the West, the powder room is a growing trend in the Asian region, and… Read More


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